All Dragonborn are magical experiments, yet Tanwyn is unlike the rest - he displays a curious talent for pure magic.


This Dragonborn Sorcerer is an exile from his homeland, Erebos. The Dragonborn race is a race created as a magical experiment by the Empire of Erebos, developed in order to fulfill a role as elite guardsmen for the emperor. They lived lives of servitude, devoted to the emperor and his people.

However, with the ascension of the newest emperor, Emperor Hakkon, a young boy, the race of the Dragonborn have been declared enemies of the state and are being hunted down by Hakkon’s decree. (The reason for this was never disclosed to the public)

Tanwyn was rescued by a kindly elderly witch, Aphis and her son Tanwyn. Aphis’ son was killed during the rescue of Tanwyn, and as a sign of respect, Aphis named the Dragonborn after her dead son. The witch, after haphazardly teaching Tanwyn the ways of magic, uses a spell to teleport him into the city of Haldrim in search of Maius Stormwind, a man who she believes can aid Tanwyn in the control and strengthening of his powers. Unbeknownst to Tanwyn however, Aphis’ spell miscasts and he is instead teleported into the village of Göttsheim.

Tanwyn appears to most to be an imposing figure, not many of the common folk have seen a Dragonborn and only those in large cities have even had conversations with them. His personality towards this suspicion is greeted with an element of nonchalance that disguises an effort to prove himself to them.

Tanwyn has scales that imitate that of a White Dragon, but does not possess a tail, all new-born Dragonborn have their tails ritualistically severed, as such, Tanwyn only has a thin scar where his tail should be.

The motives of Tanwyn are mainly centred around gaining control over his magic and thereby strengthening it, before creating alliances and allies that can aim to retake Erebos and overthrow Hakkon.

As part of Tanwyn’s draconic blood (implemented during experiment), he can speak Draconic as well as Common.

The Empire is a nation only recently created in relation to the other countries and kingdoms, having only been formed approximately 200 years ago. The Empire rose to prominence as a small city-state in the desert, that due to its magical might and clever political pacts formed a powerful nation.

The Empire has lived through 6 emperors, most of which were benevolent (they ruled essentially as powerful Sorcerer-Kings), however, Hakkon notes a change in not only the rule of emperors, but also the type of government. Previously, the Emperor ruled with Supreme power, his advisors only served to provide advice, they had little influence over their decisions. Hakkon, however, relies almost entirely on his advisors and is fit to foolish acts during bouts of anger. (e.g. KILL ALL DRAGONBORN) This irrationality has created two ‘factions’ of advisors, those who aim to ensure order during Hakkon’s reign, hoping he’ll either grow out of his petulance or kill him if he does not. The other faction seeks only to profit, they have persuaded the young Emperor to provide them with positions and wealth.

The symbol of the Empire of Erebos is represented by the motto “Et magicae potentia est” as well as a coat of arms depicting the emblems that represent the emperor, magic, conquest and power.

The Empire’s goals are at this time geared towards securing the borders and provinces of the empire through politics and magic. (as they have always done). However, there is discontent within the empire, the people are upset with the change in government and the irrationality of their emperor. No one dares speak out however, fearing a similar fate to the Dragonborn.


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