• Alston Folkore

    Alston Folkore

    The former apprentice of a powerful druid in the Darken Wood, Alston has set out to nurture the natural world.
  • Arrius Satori

    Arrius Satori

    The divine creation of Mishakal, the Goddess of Life and Redemption. Arrius is a beacon of hope in a well of doom.
  • Burwin Schwartzkettle

    Burwin Schwartzkettle

    The illegitimate son of the Gnomish King, Burwin has travelled far, relying on his cons and his trusty axe to survive.
  • Evander Gnoll

    Evander Gnoll

    Once a destitute street urchin, Evander was taken in by a travelling band of monks and taught the ways of inner power.
  • Perrin Greenbottle

    Perrin Greenbottle

    Originally the resident cleric of Rymestel aboard the vessel 'The Golden Wyvern', its destruction caused Perrin to seek his fortune elsewhere.
  • Tanwyn


    All Dragonborn are magical experiments, yet Tanwyn is unlike the rest - he displays a curious talent for pure magic.
  • Thorkk Bonebreaker

    Thorkk Bonebreaker

    The son of the Chieftain of the Orcish Bonebreaker Tribe, Thorkk travels the world to find the strength to challenge and defeat his father to gain control of his tribe.