Godbreaker Campaign

*UPDATE* Chapter Summary

Due to my own memory, what happens between now and the current story arc I cannot recall. If anyone wishes to submit story recaps that they can recall that would be well appreciated.

For reference, a chapter summary.

CHAPTER 1: Keep on the Shadowfell

The intrepid adventurers begin to find their place in the world and as an adventuring group. At the behest of a local wizard, they decide to explore the nearby ruined keep.

A foul necromancer by the name of Kalwyn the Vile had taken shelter and was using it to build an undead force to enslave the nearby town. He was beaten and thrown into the portal to the Shadowfell that he himself had created. It seems that sometimes we are the arbiters of our own destruction.

The heroes are invited into the keep of the local lord, one Lord Alaric in celebration, and are given a new quest

Arc covers – Sessions 1-5. And characters go from Level 1-3


During the feast, the Lord is arrested on counts of treason, by The Order of the Iron Blade and escorted to the capital. Alaric’s ally, Dex, is assigned to direct the heroes to the town of Hommlet and investigate Alaric’s belief in a plot to frame him.

In the town, the heroes discover a spate of grisly murders perpetrated by a shadowy organization known only as The Whispers. Tanwyn, Arrius and Burwin infiltrate the organization’s lair and slay the leader. They discover that The Whispers plan to destroy the town with explosives.

Tanwyn takes control of The Whispers to avoid their deaths and attempts to galvanize the organization’s plans into action, hoping that they would be too unprepared to do any significant damage. Unfortunately for Tanwyn, he underestimated the extent of their planning and the explosion levels the town. During the explosion, Arrius attempted to open an artifact he acquired in the first chapter and disappears.

However, due to the timely actions of the rest of the party, the town is mostly evacuated and only a few casualties are suffered.

Arc covers – Sessions 6-7. And characters go from Level 3-4


Two weeks pass, and the town begins to rebuild. Aiding in the rebuilding effort are Perrin and Thorkk. Meanwhile, Tanwyn and Burwin are holed up in the forest outside of town with the remainder of the organization. They are attempting to redirect The Whispers’ dogma towards more direct attacks on corruption instead of broad attacks on the people and nobility. They have lost a lot of members – however those who remain are intensely loyal.

Dex reappears and questions Thorkk and Perrin as to the progress of clearing Alaric’s name. The lack of action leads to Dex taking control and ordering them to seek out The Whispers in the forest and determine their involvement.

The Whispers (incl. Tanwyn and Burwin) meet with Dex, Perrin, and Thorkk whilst searching for some missing members. Tensions mount given Tanwyn’s actions and The Whispers potential involvement with the framing of Alaric. Attacks by hostile dryads cause them to drop the discussion and pursue them until they find themselves outside an old cabin.

From within, they are invited in by an old harmless woman, who performs a card reading on the party. The strange old lady retrieves Arrius from within the artifact and sends Dex back to Alaric with evidence of his innocence by way of magic.

The old lady then reveals herself to be Morrigan, the Goddess of Death and Vengeance and asks (more like commands) the party to seek out the fabled DOOMSTONES that lie in the Swordhearth Mountains, the Dreadfire Archipelago, in Zerrikania and in Kathos and destroy them.

En route to the closest destination, The Swordhearth Mountains, the party comes across an expedition of dwarves, led by Vabaral Grimblade, that were sent to the Mountains to ascertain its current condition. Karak-Azdun as it is known to them, had been lost for centuries and the dwarves of the south wished to reclaim it. The party agrees to aid, and secure one of the old Dwarven holds many vaults in exchange for a small fraction of the treasure (10,000 gp per person).

The (now larger) party set off to the Mountains and after trekking for many days and nights find themselves at one of the entrances into the Dwarven hold. They, alongside the dwarves descend into the bowels of the earth.

Arc covers – Sessions 7-8. And characters go from Level 4-5


Setting up a forward camp, the party set out on a reconnaissance mission deeper into the dwarven hold. The halls had been strangely empty closer to the surface, but deeper into the halls of Karak-Azdun and the party encounters a strange breed of dwarf. ‘Bah, thrice-curs’d Duergar’ the dwarves called them – and they were hostile.

On the Art of GMing.

Hey. Quick update.

For those of you who want to gain a bit of insight into how I run as a DM/GM or to really just build your skills as a player – I recommend the following resources.


Matthew Colville: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVdb9Yr8fc05_VbAVfskCA

Perhaps one of the most well-spoken and informative Youtube channels on the Dungeon Mastering process, as well as an as of now, stopped Campaign Diaries series which covers gameplay in his own campaign. Highly recommend, especially if you consider DMing yourself.

Web DM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7XFmdssWgaPzGyGbKk8GaQ

Different in style to the previous channel, generally more anecdotal in reference to ideas and issues. A much more vast array of videos and topics bit more produced and again a bit more focused on a DM perspective, but you can probably find a few good videos and ideas.

Nerdarchy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHLzgnQu3OWn31g2PebQV5Q

In my opinion, video quality isn’t the greatest and definitely not my favorite – however, I can’t deny that it is a valuable resource.

Geek & Sundry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XikjjQok5Y&list=PL7atuZxmT9570U87GhK_20NcbxM43vkom

As well as the popular ‘Critical Role’ show, this channel also hosts a series of GM Tips hosted by Matt Mercer. Like Matt Colville, a valuable resource that I highly recommend.


Dungeon Masters Guild: http://www.dmsguild.com/

The legitimate site for all your D&D homebrew and official digital content. Some of it is free, some of it costs the moneys. Note ALL homebrew content has to be reviewed by myself before authorisation in the campaign, please take this into consideration should you buy anything.

Remuz: https://dnd.rem.uz/

Less legitimate. An index of a huge amount of D&D content, from 1st edition to 5th edition. (see also https://ttop.rem.uz/ for other game systems). Really useful for DM’s. However. should anyone read the 5th edition Adventures (specifically Curse of Strahd + Storm King’s Thunder) hoping to gain the upper hand in upcoming campaigns (not that I expect anyone to do so…) there will be severe punishments.

Bonus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Olsp5GQuQAUDNJpNvOSp02oxP7ZnN0zpI_ZqyLXG9c/edit


Don’t Split the Party: http://harbingergames.blogspot.com.au/

Unlike the videos featured, these websites host blogs, etc. based on a variety of Tabletop based topics. This particular website is really interesting. Mostly DM based stuff, but you might find some lessons to take from it.





This site. My god. I have never seen some of the worst and most horribly unbalanced content here than anywhere else.

D&D Livestreams:

Critical Role: http://geekandsundry.com/shows/critical-role/

Easily one of the most recognizable and more popular shows, this is a very good show. Provided of course you have the time to slog through 92 episodes, each of which is 3-4 hrs long. Personally, I’d do some research on the more important arcs/episodes – I personally just keep abreast of the story and occasionally tune in (when I do it’s brilliant).

High Rollers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvSp-8FGBzxnsRLDk73O4c-5ymN1KeNNb

About 40 odd episodes less than Critical Role so there’s that. Has a completely different tone than Critical Role. Critical Role is generally more dramatic (they are all actors to some degree) and this is more of a light-hearted experience. At least that’s my opinion and experience.

Dice, Camera, Action!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1ZbgywIF6Y&list=PLfS8QgUdeGYo8F3RPUQ2Wsi2mZLPcaU6X

Hosted by Chris Perkins, a desginer on the Dungeons & Dragons team (co-wrote Storm King’s Thunder, awesome material) and an amazing DM (also hosts Acquisitions Inc.). The show is based around Curse of Strahd, so I’d advise against the show if you ever intend to play in a game featuring that particular adventure module.

Beyond these three shows, you’ll find a lot of podcasts, varying in quality and overall theme. Some of them are far longer than the livestreamed shows as well. There are a few podcasts to note, however:

Drunks and Dragons: http://geeklyinc.com/category/drunks-and-dragons/

Adventure Zone: http://www.maximumfun.org/shows/adventure-zone

The Glass Cannon: https://www.podparadise.com/Podcast/1007021910

Sneak Attack!: https://www.podparadise.com/Podcast/1006030122


That’s all folks! I hope you can find something that you’ll enjoy, as an interim between games.

Session 2 - The Kobold Den

The Kobold Den

When last we left our heroes….
The party, after inadvertently murdering several townsfolk decided to rest at the local inn. Following their rest, Burwin and Thorkk are surprised to find that their companions – Rin and Immael had left, also taking their gold.

They decide to return to the taproom of the inn. Upon which they are greeted by an unusual sight. A large explosion of blue smoke and sparks appears above a nearby home. The cloud is revealed to contain a white-scaled Dragonborn who topples from the thatched roof and on to the ground. The Dragonborn introduces himself as Tanwyn. After greeting each other, the group are alerted by the arrival of a small retinue of carts and traders – the first in weeks.

In this cluster of carts, two strange newcomers approach: Perrin Greenbottle and Arrius Satori , a Halfling and a previously unseen individual – one of the fabled Ruby Knights. This group is naturally drawn together due to their penchant for adventure and battle. Any conversation is suddenly stopped when the gates are drawn open for an injured and near-dead traveller. The traveller collapses and reveals that he was attacked by Kobolds on the south road. Informed by the guardsmen that a price is offered for each Kobold scalp, this party sets out to find the den.

After detouring to one possible location, Ebonheart Cave the party makes their way to what they believe is a Den for the Kobolds – Greenhilt Cave. Before they arrive, they are attacked by several Kobolds, one of which is clad in tattered robes in place of armour. Quickly dispatching the Kobolds, the party finds a few scattered coins as well as a strange carved amulet. They push onwards to the cave and are treated to their first sight of the den.

The Den itself is behind a roaring waterfall, guarded by several Kobolds – the Kobolds are again quickly defeated by Burwin who – in a blind rage – charges further into the den, slaughtering Kobolds as he goes. The party follows, occasionally offering a few blows. When the gnomes wrath abates, the party has followed him into a junction. Two doors lead in opposite directions. The party splits to investigate both doors. As Thorkk and Perrin approach the left-hand door and wrench it open, a large chitinous beast breaks through and makes for the dry conditions of the other door.

Following in the wake of the scuttling beast, the party approach a chamber that is in the midst of battle. As they approach, the beast is killed by a single, swift blow by a burly Kobold – the leader of this den, one who has been referred to amongst the townsfolk as Irontooth. Beyond the Kobold, they can see, bound to an altar, the unmoving form of Lellin. A fierce battle erupts and Irontooth is finally beaten, his head toppling to the floor. Perrin takes Irontooth’s twisted black sword (later revealed to be a blade known as Kan-Lestrosk) while the rest of the Den’s bounty is divided amongst the party.

The party, with Lellin in tow, returns to The Bee and Bard and retire for the night.

Session 1 - Road to Gottsheim
The Prologue

The adventure begins with our intrepid band of heroes: Thork Bonebreaker *, (Half-Orc Fighter), *Burwin Schwartzkettle, (Gnome Barbarian), Rin, (Elf Rogue), Immael, (Elf Rogue).

These heroes found themselves, invariably, at The Bee and Bard – a roadside inn operated by the Halfling Bando Beerheart. When Thork, alongside his porter Hodor Blackberry find themselves at the mercy of bandits outside the inn, the heroes join forces and defeat the bandits led by Marius the Bloody.
Following this, Bando invites the party to accompany his son Lellin to Gottsheim and deliver some trading goods. The roads have become unsafe and the halfling worries about his son. The party sets out with Lellin, but the journey is halted when the cart is suddenly stuck in a ditch and the horses panic and bolt. Kobolds, seeing seemingly helpless prey attack, but are quickly dispatched. The party then realises, that in the heat of battle, Lellin was kidnapped. Unable to find any tracks, the party resolves to head towards Gottsheim. In the hopes of finding a guide.

The party approaches Gottsheim, with only a single Barrel of ale from the cart left. They sell the barrel to the proprietor of the local tavern Wrafton’s Inn (Salvana Wrafton) and are directed to Eilian who provides directions to a local cave where it is likely the Kobolds are holed up. With plenty of time on their hands, given that the party resolves to travel to the cave in the morning, the heroes explore Gottsheim. Rin, however murders two guards in an effort to cut a deal. During his arrest, the party rescue him, but leave him tied up in an alley as punishment.
The party hires a grave digger to dispose of the bodies quietly. The party the retires to the inn.
Rin and Immael (brothers) disappear, taking the money of Burwin and Thork. It is there Session 1 concludes.


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